Sony VR experience – Virtual Reality/360 video: Meet your carbon footprint

Explore with us through an immersive virtual reality video how our daily choices can feed or fight climate change.

What we eat, how we get around, our energy use at home and the stuff we buy – it all links us to climate change. Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere as a result of your consumption choices. In this video, you will confront your carbon footprint in real size. You will also experience sea level rise, smog, and wildfires – some of the impacts we are responsible for. But you will also discover how easy – and delicious – it is to live a climate friendly lifestyle.

This video is optimised for viewing with virtual reality headsets, computer monitors or tablets. The video also contains ambisonic 360° surround sound, which means that sounds feel like they have a specific location around you. This feature only works with headphones.

Developed by the United Nations Environment Programme

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