Green Game Jam 2022

This is the largest edition of the Green Game Jam yet, featuring over 50 participating studios from around the world. That means the Jam has almost doubled its size for the 2022 edition. In this edition, the theme is three-fold with Food, Forests and our Future being the focus of the participants’ activations. There are also new awards upcoming and even more of a reason to see just what amazing ideas are being developed for our favorite games.

A Word From Our Judges

Best in Forests

"We commend Serious Brother’s game concept for its innovative, interesting, and strongly educational gameplay, and its practical modern integration of forestry and climate into a relatable, understandable presentation."

- Peter Wohlleben, Louise Emmanuelle d.G. Mabulo, and Anssi Pekkarinen

UNEP Choice

"Today, food production is not only responsible for a third of carbon emissions, but unsustainable food systems also have a devastating impact on nature. In Hay Day, we were really impressed by the innovative education players were offered on regenerative farming and food as well as the real-world impact of educating farmers which will translate into 2850 acres of land with healthier soil and potentially shift players' food choices. Supercell thought through a complex issue and made it come to life in the game. That said, we also loved how the pressing issue of wildfires was addressed in the activation in Rider's Republic and thus want to give Ubisoft Annecy a Special Commendation. Every submission this year had something special about it!"

- Mirey Atallah, Pooja Munshi, and David Jensen

Best in Food

"We really liked Hay Day's approach to making a complicated issue accessible and fun for the everyday person. It demonstrated the importance of investing in the soil as a key resource for sustainable food systems and brought the theme to life both in and out of the game. Skull and Bones was a close second for us as it highlighted the link between the choices that we as consumers make and the impact of these choices on our fisheries."

- James Lomax and Louise Emmanuelle d.G. Mabulo

Media's Choice

"We were impressed with how Ubisoft Annecy's submission wholeheartedly embraced both the theme and the spirit of the jam. The team’s commitment to their concept and the thoughtfulness that resulted in a proposal that showed the unique power of games to educate, engage and empower players to play their role in protecting the environment."

- George Osborn, Robert Purchese, and Shay Thompson