Dropledge is an organization that gamifies social challenges to inculcate a behavioural change to lead a sustainable and enriched human life. Dropledge develops games that help its players directly and indirectly contribute towards social issues. Dropledge has successfully launched games that tackle the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans which has been played by players in 20+ countries and the message has reached over millions of audiences. Dropledge will be launching 12-24 new games in next 12 months that tackles different challenges faced by the planet and targets to reach 100 Million incremental audiences.

Dropledge will

  •  Inspire action through play by integrating educational content on environment and green nudges in games and encourage gamers to take pledge for the planet
  • Create games based on challenges on environment themes and create new character animations to promote climate action commitments
  • Work on issues through game play that would drive action on specific agenda items (E.g. Ocean conservation and Reforestation)
  • Reduce carbon footprint by 30% by 2022
  • Plant a new tree for every new subscription
  • Work with UN Environment, industry, and climate experts on a resource pack for game developers
  • Have an active investment philosophy for SDG goals
  • Send consumers new updates on equipment settings and energy efficiency