PlayStation’s One Year Update on “Playing for the Planet”

Published on 24/09/2020

Today is the anniversary of the United Nations’ Playing for the Planet Alliance, which we joined at its launch at the New York Climate Summit on 23rd of September 2019. I’m excited to share an update on our progress towards our UN 2019/20 commitments.

Our progress

First, we’ve avoided an estimated 17.5 million tonnes carbon equivalent emissions for PS4 to date, on-track towards 30 million tonnes by 2030 (equivalent to carbon emissions of Denmark in 2017). This is due to its energy efficient power supply, rest modes, and system on a chip architecture.

Second, one of the important energy efficient features of PS5 will be its ability to suspend and resume game play at just 0.5 W. When enabled this will be around 72% less than for PS4.

Third, we worked with UNEP to help develop and launch a VR360 video in Dreams on PS4 to educate children about climate change during lock-down.