Rovio Taking Environmental Action – Playing for the Planet and Beyond

Published on 22/10/2020

From raising awareness for environmental issues with in-game events to offsetting impact of players’ devices, Rovio is committed to green initiatives.

Recently, Angry Birds 2 held an in-game event to raise awareness for climate change and reforestation. For a limited time, players were able to collect a new Forester hat set and adorn their flock of characters in some rugged new duds (pictured above). In addition, a community event allowed players to band together and show their support by popping as many pigs as possible. The events directed players to the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, an initiative to plant (you guessed it) one trillion trees by the end of the decade.

The events in Angry Birds 2 were borne out of a Green Mobile Game Jam held earlier this year. The jam brought together 11 mobile game companies who worked together to find new ways to introduce climate change awareness initiatives into their games. We decided on the theme of reforestation for Angry Birds 2, not only because it’s an extremely important issue, but also because of how it fits naturally within the theme of the Angry Birds world.

The Playing for the Planet initiative is part of a push by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to work with game developers to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. And so far, the work of the initiative — consisting of over 20 gaming companies, including Rovio — has reached almost 1 billion players worldwide.

But you may now be wondering, what else is a company like Rovio doing when it comes to taking action against climate change?