Angry Birds 2

In a game full of joyful destruction, we’re taking a moment to inspire players with a message about sustainability and reforestation.

In Angry Birds 2, when the pigs’ towers come toppling down, more towers grow magically from the ground in a seemingly infinite supply. If only it could be so simple when it comes to trees and reforestation! The fact is, reforestation isn’t magic, but we can all play a part in protecting this essential natural resource. With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to inspire our players to learn more about the issues of sustainability and reforestation with two special themed events in Angry Birds 2.

First, there will be a Community Event encouraging players to pop as many pigs as they can. The event will unite the players in playing for the planet together! If the community reaches the goal of popping a certain amount of pigs, there will be exciting rewards in it for everyone! A pop-up will display both the individual player’s contribution and also the community’s current total of popped pigs. On this pop-up we will also share links where players can find more information about reforestation and how to contribute to reforestation efforts.

Second, a specially themed Hat Evolution Event will give players the opportunity to collect a special Forester Hat Set and participate in the Lost In The Woods Adventure.

Let’s play for the planet!

Timeline for implementation: October 2020

Niklas Arnell

Product Manager

The changing climate will impact all of us, and the importance of doing the most we can to counteract it can’t be stated enough. I’m super happy that we got this opportunity to use the size of our game to get more people to engage with this initiative and to learn more about reforestation. We are very excited to share this with our players this fall!