Animal Jam Eco-System

The Animal Jam Eco-System will give players a fun and exciting new way to interact with the content in their Dens.

At its release, all players will have access to wind turbines, solar panels, and even reward plaques for creating energy efficient Dens. By earning and placing renewable energy items in their Den, players will earn Eco-Credits that can be used to power an entirely new class of items within Animal Jam!

When engaging with the Eco-System, players will receive educational facts about energy conservation, sustainability of the environment, and a variety of different ways they can have an impact in the real world. Whether players want to create their own solar and wind farms, collect or trade their Eco-Powered Items, or just learn about reforestation, the Animal Jam Eco-System provides a fun and creative activity for learning about our environment.

Timeline for implementation: Already implemented

Jeff Byers

Lead Designer on Animal Jam Classic

WildWorks is excited to participate in the Play for the Planet initiative because it is important to use our platform to educate our youthful player base on the value of renewable energy. We learned that environmental sustainability is something that can easily be taught through a series of fun and engaging activities. WildWorks’ next steps are to refine and expand the renewable energy system to keep it fresh, fun, and educational for all players of the Animal Jam community!