The passion for creating high-quality games and the focus on superior customer experience have made GameDuell one of Europe's most experienced games studios.

Founded in 2003, with almost two decades of success in the online world, GameDuell offers a broad portfolio of over 70 multiplayer titles on the popular game site as well as on social networks and mobile devices.

With more than 130 million registered players across all platforms and with a great international team consisting of 130 game enthusiasts working in a culture of fun, openness, and high performance, GameDuell strives to bring people together to have a good time with games. We are an ecological and socially sustainable company. We have our very own “Green Team” within the company which implements ideas and initiatives to help protect our environment and for charity.

As an environmentally conscious thinking company, we are happy to be part of the Green Mobile Game Jam and contribute to the initiative. With our pitch, we would like to inform our active players about the main climate change issues, such as: renewable energy, waste, mass consumption, industrial mass farming, and CO2 emissions. We want to convince the users to take action, e.g. separating more waste or switching to an eco-friendly energy provider.

The idea is to show a daily trivia quiz over the course of a certain period with 2-3 questions about environmental topics to educate and activate our users. In order to keep the participants motivated, we incentivize participation and keep it on a personal level and be concise rather than abstract.

The answers might surprise users, so they start reflecting on their own situation and on changing their behaviour, and then go on to share their learnings with others.

Timeline for implementation: August 2020


Green Jam participant

We participated because we are an ecological and socially sustainable company and want to make our customers part of our climate action and further raise awareness why this is necessary. The Green Mobile Game Jam is an ideal platform because the Playing for the Planet initiative has built a committed and dedicated community, within which we can share knowledge, learn from each other, and collaborate. We learned that there are many different possible approaches and great creative minds involved and that environmental protection can be fun and rewarding. The next steps will be: finalize and select the questions and answers that are shown to the players and to align the timeline.