Golf Clash

Our goal is to systemise the education and activation of millions of mobile gamers, whether they are climate-change believing, passive or denying.

We accept that not all gamers have the same view on climate change, and many are bombarded on a daily basis by negative and false views on the reality of climate change. These negative views are often disseminated by conservative media and news channels, or shared by friends and contacts within their social graphs.

We aim to develop game agnostic technology that allows us to deliver incentivised content on the topic of climate change and sustainability. By segmenting the audience through an initial survey, we will choose the most effective content for them depending on their stance on climate change. We believe this is the best way to keep players engaged in the conversation on climate change and to seek out positive outcomes.

The types of content we will deliver through the service is wide-ranging;

Educational video content, for example; exploring climate change effects in the player’s own country, learning about the effect of carbon in the atmosphere, teaching how we know the human effect of climate change is real.

Educate through playable content; Just like playable ads, we allow gamers to play short-form interactive content that helps them understand climate change causes and effects.Interactivity gives wider context to models and therefore should be of higher educational value, as users can draw their own conclusions.

Rewarded sign-up; encourage players to join climate change programs and movements such as ‘Meat-Free-Mondays’, or sign-up for green energy suppliers.

The team at Playdemic will prove their tech within our own title, Golf Clash, as a first step on this journey.

Timeline for implementation: Q4 2020

Alex Rigby

Chief Creative Officer

We felt compelled to act when invited to participate; climate change will ultimately affect us all and is simply too important to ignore. And we’re in a position to help; the ubiquity of mobile games represent an unusually effective way to communicate to people across the whole of society. When an opportunity comes round to act and do something about it, how can you possibly sit back and say no?