WordBrain / WordBrain 2

Our initial aims at MAG were to raise awareness and engage our players, laying the foundations to do further ecological awareness and environmental events in the future.

We planned implementation in three games:

In Wordbrain, we’ll run an event which will be themed around planting trees.

Wordbrain 2 will have an event, with its content chosen to raise awareness about the environment.

Wordzee players will receive a unique tile design for completing our eco event. Much like in Wordbrain, participation in the event can also contribute towards planting real trees.

These are all intended as frictionless ways for players to contribute.

Building on our initial ideas, we wanted to reach a wider audience and help reforestation efforts, so we are partnering with TreesPlease Games™, a for-good games company that’s building an exciting technology platform that has the potential to make a radical difference through games at an industry wide scale.

The TreesPlease API™ enables games studios to connect to reforestation partners and provide tree planting donations directly inside their games. What makes this meaningful is that the technology is easy to adopt, offering a streamlined process for game developers to make a positive impact, enabling us to stay focused on improving our games rather than sourcing charity partners and developing new technology.

Timeline for implementation: Commitment under discussion


Green Jam participant

I learned so much in the workshops on how we can all individually have more of an impact and make a difference that I switched my electricity supply to green energy