Zoocraft: Animal Family

Zoo Craft: Animal Family launched as a zoo management game four year ago.

Inspired by joining Playing for the Planet in 2019, we pivoted away from a conventional tycoon game to focus on restoring animal diversity. Our first step was to update the introductory sequence, setting the scene, explaining the events that caused the crisis and setting the player’s goal to rebuild the ecosystem.

The core gameplay and regular events now encompass:

caring for and breeding animals

conservation of rare species

cleaning places where animals leave

restoration of habitats

We run live operations focused on environmental themes. Our Winter Holiday 2019 event was about cleaning up an island endangered by reckless manufacturing of Christmas toys. We relied on familiar play mechanics and retained the festive spirit while telling a story about real-world problems. We also added numerous small touches, such as designating the only aircraft in the game as solar-powered.

To support Ocean Day we created a storyline which got across the importance of conserving the world’s ocean and its fauna. We added special decorations so players could turn their zoo into different environments, such as the North Pole, and better understand the world in which we live.

In the Green Game Jam we described how our next effort was a special event and fundraiser for the Wolf Conservation Trust. The Wolf Conservation Center teaches people about wolves, their relationship to the environment and the human role in protecting their future.

The event ran in late May, 2020 and by the 4th of June 1,500 players had paid to support it, raising $14,410 for the Wolf Conservation Centre. We received a lot of positive feedback on social networks and we were able to convey the idea of the importance of animal care and supporting the charity.

Timeline for implementation: Already implemented

Vladimir Funtikov


Creative Mobile decided to join the Play for the Planet alliance because while the problem is global it’s everyone’s job to get things done. That means it’s our problem too, so we own the outcome and we need to act. The response to our communication efforts in Zoocraft: Animal Family and in particular the Wolf Conservation Trust event showed us that our player base is with us and we intend to do more to help enable them to address the problems we all face.