Anno 1800

Anno is a game about growing settlements into huge metropolises, creating massive production chains and managing vast quantities of resources. In the latest Anno game, which takes place in the era of industrialization, players are barely confronted with the idea of sustainability and can exploit their environment without repercussions. Since we want to teach players the importance of sustainability and the interdependencies of ecosystems, we are introducing a new game mode with upside-down game rules focusing on these themes.

In order to grow in Anno, players normally produce more and more goods to cater to their people’s needs. This time however, the environment will react to the players actions: Building mono-cultures depletes island fertility, over-fishing destroys food supplies for future generations, and deforestation leads to deserted islands. Ultimately, these things will be the player’s downfall.

Unlike in the real world though, it is not the end. Now with the knowledge they have gained, and perhaps a more sustainable mindset, players can try again to master this survival/rogue-like city-building game mode all over again.

Activation Date: 14th December 2021

Christoph Knauz