Away: The Survival Series

In ‘Away; The Survival Series’, the planet has been devastated by global warming. Many species are no more, including humans and the ones that are left must fight over precious resources. Playing as a small Sugar Glider, these cute and sociable treetop-dwelling marsupials must find a way to survive, as the consequence of global warming threatens to destroy their natural habitat.

In game, discover old, weather beaten signage that says “Reforestation Zone: Play4Forests,“ a poignant reminder that, on the path to extinction, there were people who did care and people who tried to prevent this. Will you be one of them?

Point your phone at the Game’s Physical Box and experience a unique, incredible, and heart-breaking Augmented Reality Scene play out in front of you as the Sugar Glider is trapped in a Forest Fire. A direct link to Pledge will be on your phone. A postcard with this same Augmented Reality Scene will be inserted in the box, (and other Perp games Boxes) so you can take this with you to show friends and colleagues and encourage them to Pledge.

Activation Date: 1st October 2021

Mickey Torode