Considering continuous deforestation, the deterioration of ecology and the global outbreak of forest fires in recent years, we will create the activation on fighting forest fires and planting trees in the game. Survivors (what players in the game are called) are constantly cutting down trees and consumed a lot of wood in the war with zombies, resulting in forest area reduction, sandstorms, soil erosion and other consequences, threatening human survival. On top of that, due to the sudden outbreak of forest fires, survivors must immediately go to the forest to put out the fire and plant more trees.

During the activation, players need to go to the designated forest in the game to complete a series of tasks, fend off zombies, and finally work together to put out the forest fire. For each player, after completing the series of tasks, they will get special saplings, which can be planted on the fire scorched land and grow into trees with their own name.

Activation Date: 30th September 2021

LifeAfter Team