Riders Republic

Forests are already half of our open-world but we would like to make the players experience a digital reforestation of a part of the map. The location reforested will stay a strong location of our open world after the activation and the track will be accessible to every player, even the ones who haven’t participated in the event.

To open the event, players will be invited to walk together (50+ players visible but the whole community is participating at the same time) from our social hub to the in-game location, creating the first video game climate walk.

During the event, players will be able to tag where to plant trees by doing tricks, as well as equipping a special “sow wingsuit” to drop seedlings on the previously tagged zones. Progress of zones tagged and trees planted will be displayed via the social HUB.

Players will live a “BEFORE/AFTER forest” of that part of the map by participating into mass races (50+ real time players race) while the location is still a desert then at the end of the activation they will play again a mass races but the location will be now full of trees and wildlife with both gameplay and art ambiance completely different.

Activation Date: 1st October 2021

Boris Maniora

Associate Game Director