The Brawlhalla World Tree Initiative

The Brawlhalla team is excited to be a part of this year’s Green Game Jam! The Brawlhalla World Tree Initiative is how we will drive awareness and donations in fun and rewarding ways for our community. This includes custom rewards for all players no matter what part of the initiative they participate in.

We will feature a tree-themed in-game charity item specifically designed for the Brawlhalla World Tree Initiative. All proceeds from sales of this item will be donated to Ecologi.

We will also host a 12-hour Developer Charity Stream with a social campaign focused on raising awareness and driving further donations. All money raised during the livestream will go directly to the charity.

Lastly, we will create a free in-game Title for players who follow prompts on social media to learn about Ecologi and how they can help make a difference. The World Tree is incredibly important to Valhalla. And the world’s trees are incredibly important to us.

Activation Date: Nov 9th - Dec 6th 2022

Joshua Kenneth

International Brand Manager