Restore Waterfalls!

The FRAG Pro Shooter team is passionate about climate change.

Deforestation increases the negative effects of global warming. We want to act and fight against the depletion of forests, and thus help to slow down the acceleration of global warming.

It is for this reason that we have created an event focused on this issue.

During our event 'Restore Waterfalls’, players will have to contribute to the restoration of the arena, 'Waterfalls'. The 'Waterfalls' has been completely destroyed by the effects of global warming: dead trees, burnt plants, drought...

Players can restore 'Waterfalls' by planting trees.

Each time a player plants a tree through Ecosia, the arena “Waterfalls” will become greener and greener with healthy trees, water, and verdant plants...

The gameplay will evolve at the same time, for a unique game experience for our players. With a maximum goal set at 25,000 trees planted!

Activation Date: June 2nd - 29th 2022

Guillaume Alemanni

Game Lead