Hungry Shark World

A new in-game event where players have to protect the future of the seas by shielding adorable baby sharks as they take their maiden voyage against fishers, hunters, and big corporations! On top of this, players are encouraged to save the oceans with a brand new eco-friendly green shark who has the ability to renew the land and the sea!

The activations will be linked with Playmob's research initiative and the most relevant environmental partners.

Activation Date: November 2022 - Q1 2023

Roxana Muntean

Product Manager

Environmental causes are very impactful to everyone and you can see the effects it has on everyday life. We as a studio have a unique game and platform to elucidate on some issues that might usually get overlooked. In terms of global impact the oceans are most of our planet, so we have a unique position to shed some light on issues our seas (which is again…you know…most of our planet) are currently suffering from. Researching these issues made me more aware of the danger facing our oceans, but also the incredible lengths people go to in order to maintain it. From trying to repopulate dying coral reefs to ice wall building robots, there are a wild variety of solutions that require high amounts of creative thinking. We hope to implement these features in our game, and by making the gameplay relevant we want the game to be subtly educational by giving players appropriate actions and rewarding their efforts with environmental change and prosperity.