Ubisoft Nano

”Plant or Play" Platform Initiative

Ubisoft Nano is a collection of Instant Party games based on Ubisoft beloved worlds. Accessible and enjoyable by everyone, Ubisoft Nano games are lively and easy to pick-up, playable now on your mobile, PC, Mac or tablet on nano.ubisoft.com

We want to raise awareness on the forests and planting topic to our portal visitors and players as soon as they reach us. We trust our partner to be best suited to teach and share about this directly while we do all we can to highlight their presence online and on the field through many redirection points of the platform. We put the decision of the player at the heart of the initiative, pushing messages and fun facts but putting the final choice in their hands.

Do you want to continue your usual Play, or do you want to learn more about Planting a tree and saving our planet?

Activation Date: Jul 28 - Aug 28 2022

Charles Leroy

Producer/Jam Lead