Riders Republic


We will be promoting strategies to reduce wildfire frequency and size as well as have an emotional impact on players regarding the consequences of wildfires. The live event won’t be announced to players proactively. Instead, they will be immersed immediately in the consequences of wildfires on the outskirts of the map when booting the game:

  1. The sky will be orange and there will be "fire smoke" fog throughout the entire game because of wildfires.
  2. Players will be equipped with a gas mask by default.
  3. Part of the map won’t be accessible to players as it will be “unbreathable” due to wildfires close by.

The whole game will be “on alert” with a special reskin on the Social Hub in-game.

Players will have to join forces to prevent Sequoias from burning down.

It’s a short and intense live event in which cooperation will be key:

  1. First players will have to identify the most fragile and flammable areas of Sequoia National Park (for example by using the photo mode which will display real-life data automatically integrated into players’ photos in these areas, including the size of past wildfires, projection of future ones, “fragility” level, etc.)
  2. Then they will have to reduce the risk of fire spreading in Sequoia National Park with collaborative activities (for example “clean” the forest path/the scrub/cut-offs or protect the trees with aluminum foil on trunks)

Activation Date: EOY 22 - Start 23 + July 21st tree planting event

Boris Maniora

Gameplay Director