Throughout the years, wood has been an important part of guitar construction with specific woods prized for their aesthetic and tonal qualities. In modern times this has led to issues with deforestation and concerns about long-term sustainability.

With our participation in the Green Game Jam, we plan to teach guitar learners & players more about their instrument and everything that went into making it. We’ll be creating a series of environmentally-themed in-app rewards like customizable headstocks, instrument parts, and visual effects to highlight tree planting efforts.

Users will encounter descriptions of these rewards which shine a light on the history surrounding types of wood and modern issues regarding sustainable production.

In addition, we’ll have an interactive curriculum that focuses on the planet with themed song playlists and educational Rocksmith Discover videos and articles accessible in-app and online. These video lessons and articles will discuss the background of tonewoods in instrument making, shine a light on the real effect materials can have on instruments, and teach players the various ways that they can help make sustainable choices. To complement our in-app activations we’ll also be making a direct donation to plant more trees with increasing levels tied to player participation in our event.

Every time a player watches one of our lessons plays one of our themed playlists, or equips a special cosmetic, they’ll be helping to plant more trees.

Activation Date: TBD

Chris Woo

Marketing Lead