All Hands On Deck

Players can receive ‘carbon impact points’ by completing in-game events and being active within the game. Each player has their own ‘forest’ where these points can be used to plant trees for in-game rewards.

As an extension to our existing Ecologi integration, we will be implementing a permanent, player-facing leaderboard into our game, that will display the number of trees planted per user. This leaderboard will reset weekly, to encourage competition amongst players and increase engagement towards tree-planting within the game and real life.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, TerraGenesis will plant trees in real life based on in-game planting. Our activation allows players to see their friend’s score (number of trees) within this ‘forest’ and compete to reach the highest rank!

We will implement a limited-time event focused on the themes of food and forests, trying to educate the player on climate change through narrative. We will put them in the position of saving and rebuilding destroyed Earth.

Put simply, increase the amount of Carbon Impact Points given out through sources across the game to increase tree planting!

Activation Date: June 2nd-10th 2022

Hunter Bulkeley

Senior Product Manager