TrainStation 2

Great Green Offer + Great Green Wall

The main goal of the player is to plant as many trees as possible and to help the locals bring back life to their piece of the breathtaking African savannah.

The story unfolds on the map of an unspecified sub-Saharan country, where the players will be encouraged to revitalize the region and plant the trees. Because of players' efforts, the village and local community grow, wells are built, and animals return to their natural habitat.

Players fulfill their jobs by delivering event materials and products on the theme of forestry.

For World Environment Day, players will be able to purchase one of two unique offers containing new game content to support our cause. Based on the offer players choose they will also purchase 8 or 25 trees through our partner Ecologi. Players will be encouraged to visit our Ecologi website, where they will be able to watch the forest grow, see the impact they made and learn much more about deforestation and how to prevent it.

Activation Date: June 3rd - 6th + May 24th - June 13th 2022

Petra Adámeková