June's Journey

Buy a tree, plant a tree - On your island and on your planet

Last year’s efforts were a great success with 25,000 trees planted by our partner Ecosia. Our players loved helping the environment and asked for more! For that reason, we are running the same event, for a longer period of time, with new tree decorations, and with a much higher goal.

This year, Wooga hopes to plant up to 200,000 trees around the globe. On top of that, we will invite the entire June’s Journey gaming community to complete a forest-themed quiz where they can learn more environmental facts and we will reward 1,000 players who completed the quiz with exciting in-game bonuses.

Last but not least, we will encourage players to download the Ecosia search engine which helps plant trees with every search.

We are delighted to continue to inspire players to see green — in-game as well as on our planet.

Activation Date: June 5th-6th 2022

Galina Fedulova

Game Designer

Marketing Manager June’s Journey and Jam Lead