Playing for the Planet Charter

The Playing for the Planet Alliance was founded by 21 members in New York on 23rd September 2019. The initiative was facilitated by UN Environment with the support of GRID-Arendal and Playmob. Outlined below are the principles for engagement which each member of the Alliance commits to support and uphold.

Mission: To inspire our communities, change our industry and decarbonise our platforms in order to Promote, Protect and Play for the Planet.


  • ACT: To support the industry to achieve and further the specific commitments to reduce carbon emissions made at the 2019 UN General Assembly Climate Action Summit in New York. Three focus areas include:
    • Physical production and supply chains (eg packaging, hardware)
    • Energy efficiency of products
    • Carbon impact of network services related to gaming
  • INSPIRE: To use our influence, reach and creativity to address some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges, inspiring and activating gamers/game developers/companies to take action for the environment. For example, creatives in companies as well as new technologies will be engaged to uniquely address:
  • How to raise awareness for action to reduce the impacts and drivers of climate change?
  • How do we restore landscape and plant 1 trillion trees in the world by 2030 to sequester carbon and restore biodiversity?
  • How can we prevent 600,000 tonnes of plastic waste entering the ocean?
  • SHARE: To share progress at two key moments a year, invite others to join at key on-boarding moments so that a diverse mix of actors from across the industry support the initiative.

Three Principles for Collaboration:

  • The mission is the metric: We’ll focus on workstreams that will have the greatest impact for the planet. Specifically:
    • We focus on strategic synergies: goals and approaches that help us far exceed together that which individual entities would be able to tackle on their own.
    • We focus on new and ambitious actions, which would otherwise not take place without this initiative.
  • We will work as a one team, with kindness and respect: We work as one team, with “yes, and”, with the default being a mindset to serve the UN’s goals and contributions to the sector at large, not any one entity. When we disagree, we will seek understanding and forge paths forward that take into account both common and conflicting interests.
  • We are inclusive: We embrace and actively cultivate diversity, to enable the best of the entire industry to rise for positive impact (demographics/geography/seniority).

Governance: The P4P Alliance is a collaborative body that works together on mutual conset. This initiative is facilitated with the support of UN Environment and GRID-Arendal and led by the industry, with a light organisational framework put in place to disseminate information, manage membership and hold partners to account.  An Advisory Committee made up of Alliance Members will serve a minimum 1 year term with members meeting twice a year and joining monthly calls. Each member must designate an alternate to cover should missed calls/meetings/communications be anticipated.

In joining the Alliance, each member agrees to:

  • Make specific and measurable commitments: To write a specific letter of commitment to UN Environment outlining the commitment you will make on this issue.
  • Secure the support of colleagues and peers: Cultivate/secure the support of all relevant levels of your company and encourage peers and even competitors (in friendly competition) to join/engage.
  • Share learnings and support one working group: Commit to share learnings and non-sensitive information with others and support/participate in at least one workstream’s working group.
  • Report once a year on progress and evaluate commitments: Report on Alliance commitments every 12 months and propose/test/consider ambitious new commitments in collaboration with others.

Resolution of disagreements arising in the work of the Alliance should first be sought by parties directly involved. If necessary, a mutually trusted Alliance member should be asked to serve as facilitator/mediator.

Members of the Alliance are permitted to speak about their individual initiatives catalysed/inspired by/motivated by being active members of the Playing for the Planet Alliance. This initiative is facilitated by UN Environment but members must not speak of UN Environment as a “partner” (which has a different legal status) and they should not speak on behalf of others work unless that is agreed with that partner in advance.