Research, Resources and Reporting

When collective action turns into collective knowledge

The Playing for the Planet Alliance has several initiatives that bring together game studios around core actions their organization can take. These actions are tracked, measured, and reported to learn exactly what are the best practices the video game industry can take and hopefully influence other sectors to do the same. The Reporting and Research initiative of Playing for the Planet is crucial in sharing the best information.

Resources to get you started...

Part of Playing for the Planet's mission is not only to support its members in making strides towards their climate action and environmental goals but also to support the entire video games industry with practical tools and insights.

The current climate crisis requires collective action and we hope these resources will help spur that!

Check out our growing list of Resources to help you get started on the path to climate action in your studio.

Contributors include Project Drawdown, IGDA, Ukie, NeoGames, Ubisoft.