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Green Game Jam

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What is the Green Game Jam?

The first Green Game Jam was born out of the gaming industry’s commitments at the 2019 Climate Action Summit, after which many of the members of the Playing for the Planet Alliance wanted to do more to leverage the power of gaming. 

The Playing for the Planet Alliance was created to support the video gaming industry to achieve the following core objectives:

  1. To rally the industry to reduce its carbon footprint and to ensure it has the tools to measure, reduce, and set targets to decarbonise.
  2. To inspire environmental action through green activations in games.
  3. To share the learnings of the initiative so that others within the industry can follow suit.
  4. To explore new strategies for the future around new games and approaches to storytelling.

Positive Impact So Far

2.75 million players visited the website or clicked on the call to action.

Over 266,000 trees were planted in the real world as a result of the activations in games, with this number likely to increase.

Close to $800,000 in donations to different charities working with environmental causes reported.

Some 60,000 pledges signed for the Glowing, Glowing Gone campaign and Play4Forests which will be shared with policy makers at UN Environment Assembly in 2022.

Green Game Jam 2022

a tiny tree bursting out of fresh soil

This is the biggest GGJ yet with 50 participating studios. The themes are Food, Forests, and our Future. The goal is to shift 1 million players' food choices for the environment, plant and protect 1 million trees and ultimately bring together 1 million players in a digital climate walk.

Green Game Jam 2021

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To extend the scope of the Green Game Jam it was opened up to all platforms for the first time. Conservation and restoration of forests and coral reefs were selected as the themes to aggregate the impact of the Jam. With a collective monthly active user base (MAU) of more than 1 billion gamers, the studios shared the importance of conserving and restoring forests and oceans through in-game and out-of-game touchpoints

Green Game Jam 2020

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The UN-backed Playing for the Planet Alliance brought together some of the biggest names in mobile gaming for its first-ever green game jam. The Green Game Jam took place from March – April 2020 and saw companies that normally compete come together to collaborate, share and learn from each other as they explored how to integrate green nudges into their live mobile games.