Members and Commitments

What it Means to be a Member

The Playing for the Planet Alliance is a group of gaming-companies who have made voluntary, ambitious, specific, and time-based commitments for people and planet.

Designed under a framework of shared principles, organisations of any size can make commitments big and small, set targets and track collective progress. The Playing for the Planet Alliance maintains a list of commitments and achievements.  

Member Commitments

  • Corporate carbon footprint reductions and a collective shift to green energy
  • Insertion of green nudges into games
  • Commitments to offset emissions (for internal operations and gamers' devices)
  • New circular economy design and recycling offerings to control plastics and e-waste
  • Achieving more together

The Playing for the Planet Alliance works together to create more visible, inspiring, catalytic change than any one organization could achieve on its own. For this reason, actions that create specific outcomes (namely restore/reforest landscapes and engage/activate players for positive behavioural change) are particularly encouraged.

Our Members